94 Best Small Business Ideas for 2020

94 Best Small Business Ideas for 2020

By Brandon Mitchell
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Starting up a business can be very intimidating, especially if you’re not financially stable and able to create, stabilize, and maintain the kind of company you vision yourself being a leader of. At Finimpact, we tackle problems like this every day, and we answer numerous questions from people that are starting up small and mid-sized businesses, too. Some developing professionals come to us not knowing what they really want to do with their business ideas, and that’s okay.

Because many of our customers are indecisive or unsure of where they want to take their business, we’ve decided to take the initiative to create a list of potential businesses to consider for the upcoming year (2020). But before we get into that, we’d like to ask you a few questions to jump-start your thought processes.

Questions to ask yourself before starting a small or mid-sized business: 

  • What does your career path look like right now?
  • Are you happy?
  • Do you yearn for a change?
  • What kind of a change?
  • Are you a part of something you’re proud of, or would you like to put your personality and skills into a business that could be all your own one day?
  • Are you scared?
  • Are you more comfortable hesitating than moving forward with your personal career goals?
  • Have you ever thought of becoming a business leader?
  • Would you ever want to run your own show?
  • Would you be okay going out of your comfort zone to create and establish something that could be great?

What did the answers to all of these questions look like? 

What our main goal here is to get you thinking about your future. Once you have some of these questions answered, you’ll be able to move forward and read our list of business ideas for 2020. Then, it’s your job to narrow in on your new career field and move towards a job change that’s right for you.

Below you’ll find a list of business ideas for 2020, but do not for a second think that we’ve listed them all. Who knows your next venture might come to you after you’ve digested our ideas. Remember, oftentimes, collaboration sparks innovation. Your next startup is right around the corner.

Startups and companies are not always attainable because of financial restraints and lack of monetary resources. Keep in mind, we do know financing a business is super difficult. If you find yourself stuck, slowly progressing or still need more information, check out our FREE guide here. Before moving onto your next startup, please don’t be afraid to get a loan right away if you’re absolutely certain of what you want your business to be. Claim your turf before someone else does.

Car Associated Business Ideas

Rideshare Driver

This is where companies like Uber and Lyft come in. You may not be as successful if you try to start your own rideshare driving service, but you can definitely get a group of people together and ‘lead’ them in the ridesharing business. Then again, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Snowplow Services

If you currently live in New England, or another area of the world that frequently sees snow, you might want to consider cashing in on the awful weather patterns. Snowplow services are a great way to take the lead during the winter months. Sure, many independent freelance drivers will hit the road and get paid house by house; but what if you created a service geared towards snowplowing? You could make a good living during those months off a high hourly wage.

Used Car Leasing

New car leasing has been a thing for quite some time now, but has anyone thought about starting a used car leasing business? The rates would be much more affordable, and people wouldn’t be as worried about constantly getting a new car every 3 to 5 years.

Creative Business Ideas

eBay Selling

eBay selling can be a super easy and convenient way to sell your crafts, handmade jewelry, and other small trinkets. If you know how to create fun little pieces that people would enjoy looking at, head over to eBay, make an account, and start making money!

Floral Shop

Florists don’t seem to be going out of style just yet, especially considering they’re in high demand for weddings, special events, and funeral services. We do have one bit of advice you should take, though: If you’re looking to open a florist shop, put it in a high demand area, not in a part of town that’s tucked away where no one can see. Make it known that you’re open for business.

Furniture Making

Most woodworking careers start in the garage or basement, but that’s not a bad thing. At first, you’ll be working approximately 10 hours a week, likely on the weekends, but if you know what you’re doing and you’re crafting handmade, quality furniture, this gig may become a fulltime job in no time.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is very competitive in today’s day; however, everyone that is a graphic designer has their own twist to the show that they run. If you do plan to take this idea into account, use marketing as your kill tactic. Get your name out there and make it as flashy as you can.

Online Game

Believe it or not, a lot of the big game creators are not big until they’re discovered – and discover usually only happens when you create a successful game and get tons of downloads after you release it. Start working on your gaming ideas, and if you have one that seems to be successful, develop it, release it, and see where it takes you. The big companies could be signing soon enough.


Podcasting does have a rough starting point, and you will have a hard time finding funding in the beginning, to keep it going. Nobody really ever notices that until they’re already in it. But if you develop a good following over a short amount of time, you’ll be in the clear; then, you’ll be able to sell advertising, and your revenue will build from there.


This type of business is based solely on creativity. Because it’s technically a hobby, you can find different routes to bring in revenue – either by selling supplies or by teaching prospective scrapbookers how to do a good job with their projects.

Handmade Business

It used to be that handmade items could only be found at flea markets and novelty shops. Now these handmade titans are choosing to become online craft renders. If you’re good with your hands and have a knack for handmade items, this just may be the best route to take.

Line Holder Business

Believe it or not, people in long lines, usually do not have a problem paying a few bucks to have someone stand in line for them. The best way to do this is to get a few T-shirts, a reliable crew and special events or release calendar. Go to places where you know long lines exist. Once you get close to the user’s destination, give them a simple text message and have them return to their spot. Low overhead with great potential

Dog & Kid Business Ideas

Daycare Service

If you want to see your business almost 100% successful, start up a daycare service – people are having kids left and right, and they want to continue to work, so where else are the children supposed to go during the day? A daycare! You do need to constantly keep up with mandatory safety and licensing terms and conditions, so be aware that there will be a lot of legalities on the line here.

Dog Walking Service

Dogs need to be walked, every single day. And when dog owners aren’t around or home all the time to do the job, they need to hire a dog walker. It sounds easy, but honestly, once you get your name out there, you’d be surprised at how many clients will reach out to you in need of your services.

Pet Grooming

Location is key with this business – just like it was with the floral shop. You need to be seen in order to be successful. However, the type of pet grooming service you offer can definitely vary. We suggest leaning towards a storefront one, or an at-home visit one. Either or will do the trick.

Pet Sitting

If you enjoy being around animals, this is the business start-up you’re looking for! You get to spend time with the pets, feed them, walk them if necessary, and play with them. It’s honestly a fun gig, and you don’t have to deal with the public (besides the pets’ owners, of course).

Fashion Business Ideas


This may start out as a part-time thing, but the gig may become fulltime in no time. Start by telling your friends and family about your business startup and ask them to spread the word. And, a word of advice? Always provide estimates on how long the alteration will take and factor in the supplies you’ll need to use so that you don’t cut yourself short on cash.

Clothing Boutique

If you’ve never done it before, this can be a challenging idea to move forward with. Remember, foot traffic is key – if you don’t have a lot of people entering your store, you’re not going to have a steady income. Also, if things in the boutique aren’t necessarily selling, markdown your prices to get rid of them and make room for newer, better items

Jewelry/Clock/Watch Repair

It may not be the biggest business on the market, but places like this need to be more easily accessible. Tons of shops that repair jewelry, clocks, and watches are shipping these goods around the world after they’ve been fixed – mainly because shops like this don’t exist anymore. It wouldn’t kill the world to place a few more of these here and there.

Trend Analyst

Have an eye for fashion? Do you feel analytical and enjoy pattern spotting? Becoming a trend analyst can be a great way to help industries spot their next move while giving you enjoyable patterns to spot and puzzle to solve.

Food & Beverage Business Ideas


Starting up a bakery can be a bit challenging – but that’s why you need to go out and gather your customers by approaching other businesses, restaurants, stores, and caterers. Try and pick up customers that will need you to make baked goods on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Coffee Bar/Tea Salon

Places that serve coffee and tea, like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, have a huge client base that they serve daily. However, a lot of people would rather go to a ‘mom and pop shop,’ per say, than a chain breakfast joint. The main reason behind this is due to the fact that the coffee and tea offered in independent shops are tastier and of higher quality.

Food Delivery Service

Uber Eats and Diner Dash are taking off and they were only released recently. You can start your own food delivery service, too, and develop an application to go along with it if you find it fitting. Your food delivery service can cover fast food delivery, restaurant delivery, or grocery delivery – sometimes services offer all of the above!

Ice Cream Shop

Don’t go too crazy with your ice cream mashups and recipes in the beginning – start simple and work your way up. Make sure to put the place in an easy-to-spot area so that you get a great customer base right from the start. Once revenue is consistent, you can make the necessary adjustments to grow your business.

Meal Preparation Service

If you’re on a strict time schedule due to work, or you’re not so capable of cooking meals every night of the week, a meal preparation service is a right company to lean on to get great meals to eat. This area of business is growing, and if you want in on the action, you might want to jump in before it’s too late and there are too many around.

Sandwich Shop

Sandwich shops can be found almost anywhere, but you can create a shop that focuses on delicious concoctions! A unique sandwich shop startup will provide you success, trust us on this. Try your best to secure a location that’s near a busy office; the more people around your shop, the hungrier people will be at lunchtime.


You don’t need a huge place to rent for a smoothie shop – you just need amazing smoothie recipes to draw people in. Think about it this way: A small shop with a great product will have people coming back, but a large shop with no diversity in the smoothies will keep people away.

Weight Loss Center

People can go online to research weight loss recipes and exercises, but that doesn’t always mean that the people who do that are going to be completely committed. Studies can’t prove it, but for some reason, men and women stick to weight loss programs more so when they have to physically go in person to talk to someone and sign up for a program. Try it out.

Free Time Business Ideas

Apartment Building Owner

You don’t have to quit your job to be a part of this business – in fact, almost % of apartment building owners still have fulltime jobs. It’s just a little extra income to help with your bills and leisure life. Start looking into real estate with a trusted agent today.


If you’re looking to run a non-profit, you have to keep one thing in mind: Your business will run off donations from wealthier companies. You can’t ask people to pay for your services, or else your classification will not be valid.

Future Help Business Ideas

Career Counseling

Not everyone sticks with the same career for the rest of their lives, and when they do switch over to something else, they highly consider getting someone to help them figure out what it is they want to do. A counselor and professional in the career department can help with this. So, if you know your careers inside and out, and you can help guide someone in the right direction for their future, try counseling.

Financial Aid Consultant

College costs students an arm and a leg – quite literally. But if a financial aid consultant is available, students will have the opportunity to squeeze their dues down to hardly anything. Consultants will help with paperwork, scholarships, and grant programs, all at the same time. If you become a financial aid consultant, a ton of young men and women will thank you forever.

Home Tutoring

Technically, you don’t have to be the most qualified person in the world to tutor people on a subject. In fact, all you need is to know the basics of one particular area, and you can sign up to become a tutor for that subject and that age group. It’s pretty easy money!

Life Coaching

We know what you’re thinking, why would someone want to be a life coach and why would someone need a life coach? You can’t technically coach life. Well, you’re wrong if you think that. There are so many opportunities and areas of life that are confusing to people, that having a coach by their side isn’t such a bad idea. Plus, it’s a part-time job; you can still have a fulltime job along with it.

Motivational Speaker

If you choose to go to the motivational speaking field, you can choose practically anything to motivate people. You can range from work motivation to sports motivation, and writing motivation to family motivation. That’s just four options out of hundreds and hundreds. Pick a topic and focus on it.

Nutritionist Consultant

Nutrition is a lot more popular today than it ever has been, to tell you the truth. People worry and fear that they’re putting the wrong foods and beverages into their bodies, and they need someone to correct their choices for them (especially if they aren’t as healthy as they wish they could be). Nutritionist consultants are the pros at work – they know everything when it comes to the right foods to eat and the right fluids to drink. If you’re passionate about it, why not give this business a go?

Social Media Influencer

Anyone with a large follower basis can become a social media influencer – with so many people watching your every move, you’re bound to find someone (or a group of someone’s) to listen to what you have to say. And, nine times out of ten, your listeners will follow in your footsteps, so try your best to set a good example.

Speaking/Presentation Coaching

A lot of people crack under pressure when they have to do a public speech or presentation in front of a large group of people. That’s what coaches are for! If you genuinely enjoy public speaking, you’re probably a natural at it. That means that training others using your mechanisms is probably a good idea – we think you should look into it.

Temporary Employment Agency

If someone’s looking for a little bit of extra work, or if they have no job and need something for the time being until they find a job in their career field, they’ll likely come to an agency like this one. And, not many agencies like this exist anymore, so opening one may house great future benefits.

Test Prep Coach

The SATS and similar tests are a pain in the butt to train for. Really, you need to train for them, because most of the questions on the exam are not general questions that you would know the answer to in an instant. Test prep coaches help you out with this, and if you’re looking to be this kind of coach, we guarantee students will be thanking you (just like they thank the financial aid consultants).

Home Improvement Business Ideas

Demolition/Construction Contractor

The world of construction continues to grow, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping any time soon. This means, that the world of demolition won’t be coming to a stop any time soon, either. Where there’s construction, there need to be knock-downs. Maybe not always, but a lot of the time, this is true.

House Cleaning

Some people are lazy (that might be you, that might be us). Or, some people may own a home that’s way too big for one person to clean. That’s where house cleaning businesses come in. Most of the time, they start as a one-man or one-woman operation, but in due time, they have the potential to grow far and wide.

Interior Decorating

Interior decorating and interior design is growing, and fast. People want luxe and sophistication in their homes, but pairing colors and fabrics with the right furniture and wall paintings don’t necessarily come easy to homeowners. That’s where interior decorators come in, and boy, they are good and their job.


Once again, yards are hard to maintain, and people with too big of a yard just don’t want to put up with the hassle. Trimming the edges and placing the rocks and stones so that they show off the house is a difficult task to get down pact. But that’s where landscapers come in.

Yard Sales

Are you looking to make a quick buck? Start purging your household and put up signs around the neighborhood and on the internet stating that you’re about to have a yard sale. It’s easy for some quick cash and you can get rid of stuff, even if it is at a low cost (it’s better than nothing!).

Passionate Business Ideas

Dance Instructor

We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and a ton of other freedoms in the U.S. – but wouldn’t it be cool if we had freedom of dance? Well, technically we do, but without a dance instructor to show us the ropes, how are we to know how creative we can get? Dance instructors influence people to be passionate about the way their bodies move, and we’d say that’s a good thing.

Massage Therapist

If you enjoy making people feel good – and you enjoy working out kinks in peoples’ muscles – maybe massage therapy is the right niche for you. It does a number on your hands and wrists, but that’s when you ask one of your trusted workers to help you out with massage of your own; have faith – a business like this is definitely going to grow.


Do you enjoy taking photographs of nature, people, or historical features? If you do, please don’t only see it as one thing: A hobby. You can make a career out of it, especially if you’re talented. Startup your business, reach out to companies, people who are doing photoshoots, and wedding venues to see if you have a place in their endeavors.

Office Business Ideas


Bookkeeping is a lot more important than one would think. You see, there’s the business owner or manager that runs the show, then there are the employees who help keep everything running smoothly with product production, etc. But who keeps track of the finances, pays the bills, and sends out the invoices? The bookkeeper. Without him or her, the business could quite literally fall to the ground due to missed payments.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are needed in a lot more businesses than you’d think. And the best part about working as one is that you can work remotely from home and you can make your own hours on any given week.

Human Resources Service

Big businesses are the only ones that have an HR department. That means that the small businesses that are out there will not hire one person specifically to come in and be their HR department – unless it’s only for a couple of days per week. You can make a good living off of this business idea, especially if you’re willing to network well and approach small businesses to tell them about what you offer as a single agent.


Having a fee different licenses under your belt never hurts. Notaries typically receive a small service fee for notarizing documents that range from private car sales to legal contracts. Having this skill can land you some part-time gigs.

Quality Assurance

Are you a perfectionist? Whether in person or remotely, quality assurance agents are growing in demand, especially for remote purposes. With so many online projects starting and ending, having a reliable and attentive QA can be dire to project success. This can range from checking website links, task management, and other duties.

Organizational Business Ideas

Catering Service

People don’t want to set up food platters and dishes for their weddings, anniversary parties, and birthday parties. They’d rather pay someone else to get the job done for them, and that’s where a great catering service comes in handy. As long as you have a dedicated staff behind you, nearly nothing can go wrong.

Events’ Coordinator/Party Planner

Technically speaking, this type of business is only needed in events such as weddings, concerts, balls, etc. But without a man or woman working this job, the entire event would likely crash and burn, and that’s not a fun party to attend now, is it?

Fundraising Firm

Men and women that are trying to raise money for a particular cause can’t always get the job done the right way. Sure, they can reach out to friends and family members to ask for fundraising donations, but if they haven’t hit their target after spreading the news through word of mouth, they’re going to need a little nudge in the right direction – and that’s where fundraising firms can do their job.

Personal Shopping Service

These services and stylists alike are starting to gain a more favorable and reputable reputation. In fact, many wealthy men and women don’t do their own shopping anymore, they leave it to the pros. And, with online sites such as Stitch Fix, who wouldn’t want to open up their own personal shopping service to one-up competitors?

Professional Organizer

Believe it or not, it is a job and it will become growingly popular in 2020. Personal organizers will go into your home and office and make sure everything is neat and put away in the proper, appropriate place. If you need labels on things, they’ll do that, too. If you’re a very organized person, you might want to check into starting a business like this.

Storage Service

Realistically speaking, if you run a storage service, all you have to do is deal with the customers paying and paying on time. They put the things they own into their storage areas and you just make sure the units are secure so that no one breaks in. It’s a pretty simple business.

Promotions & Marketing Business Ideas

Advertising Agency

It’s not easy to get this kind of business up and running on your own, so we recommend partnering up with someone (or at least hiring workers to help lessen the workload on your back). In the beginning, it may be slow, but the more people you have on board, the more mouths you have to send out to talk to people and get sales.

Content Marketing

Content is a sure and proven way to market your business – without content, how would you tell people about who you are and what you’re doing? If you’re good at writing and focusing in on details, content marketing may be something you should put your interests into in 2020.

Internet Marketing Specialist

Can you navigate the web quickly and efficiently? If so, you may be a specialist in the marketing industry internet-wise, or at least you’re a specialist in the making. Look into the details of internet marketing and see if the bill fits you – if so, there are tons of agencies looking for people like you to hire right now, and you can totally be a freelance specialist running your own show.

Local Marketing Service

Marketing companies aren’t located in everyone’s backyard; that means it’s not the easiest thing in the world to find a good marketing team or freelancer to help your industry grow. If you want to, we suggest opening a single man marketing service in a busy area. That way, you can branch out to businesses and tell them that you’re local and ready to visit onsite whenever need be. That will make you more credible in their eyes.

Sales Trainer

Not everyone is natural at explaining, making, and closing sales. It’s a tricky task and it takes a lot of time and effort to perfect it. But that’s what sales trainers are made to do – help you understand how to go about making a sale with a potential client. If you’re a sales guru, teach others what you already know and better the sales community for it.

Real Estate Business Ideas

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial sales may be harder than residential sales, or they may be easier, it depends on the person. Whatever the case may be, 2020 is seeing a rise in commercial real estate sales. Take your classes, ask questions at your local real estate office, and see if it’s something you’d be interested in pursuing for the next couple of years.

Shipping & Delivery Business Ideas

Dropship Business

You do the creating, someone else does the shipping. Once it leaves your office, building, or location, it’s not your responsibility any longer. This works well for items of all sizes, so you can be a maker of fine furniture, or you can create small trinkets – the options are endless.

Hauling/Moving Service

This type of company will likely never go out of business – so it’s a good idea to get involved whenever the opportunity arises. Think about it, not everyone has the money to purchase a large van just to move furniture from one home to the next, for example. Instead, they’ll rent a hauling or moving service and have them take care of it, without having to worry, as homeowners, that something will go horribly wrong.

Sports Business Ideas

Bicycle Rentals

People are becoming more active by the day, and bicycle rentals are helping the situation out even more than we thought they would. Think about it, when was the last time you saw bike rack rental on the side of the road? They’re everywhere! Especially in popular cities around the world. Hopping on this bandwagon wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Outdoor Adventures

This goes hand-in-hand with the concept of people are becoming more and more active by the day; they want more things to do outdoors. You can set up your own snowboarding/skiing lodge if you live in the cold mountains. You can set up your own canoeing or fishing lake up if you live somewhere with nice weather. The limits are endless; think outside of the box.

Personal Trainer

You can be a part of a team or you can manage your own team business in 2020 – the choice is ultimately yours. People want their bodies to look good, and not just for the summer months anymore. That’s why they hire a trained professional to get them into shape, and you could be that person to them in the near future.

Sports Equipment Sales/Service

Dicks isn’t the only place that men and women can go to for sports equipment. There are plenty of shops owned by a one-man team, and they carry state of the art equipment, too. You could be next in line to start your sports equipment business, just make sure the space you rent has enough room to fit all the supplies you’re looking to house.

Sports Coaching/Training

Sports coaches don’t only exist in middle schools, high schools, and colleges. You can personally hire one to work with you, your son, or your daughter. Training programs are offered, too. If you think you can work with an individual one-on-one to train them in a specific sport, look into getting certified and start your journey ASAP.

Yoga Classes

A lot of ladies are taking classes, going through training, and getting certified in yoga to help everyone else. Yoga is great for the body, it’s great for reducing stress, and it’s great for stretching out muscles. If you want to be in the sports field but you also want to help improve peoples’ health, this is the right business choice for 2020.

Technological Business Ideas

App Creator

It’s a little bit more complicated than it sounds, but the outcomes are totally worth it. How many apps are out there that are successful? Millions. Among the top that are favored are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, of course. But that doesn’t mean that the game apps, the social media apps, the dating apps, the organizational apps, etc. aren’t as popular. Create one and see how far it takes you.

Drone Business

Who would’ve thought that drones could have their own business? Well, not drones, but people that build, fix, and operate them. Drones are becoming increasingly popular, and soon enough, they’ll be used to deliver products, amongst other things. Which is why positioning yourself in a drone specific business would be a great idea – get ahead of the trend before it starts up.

IT Consulting

Not many people know as much about IT as you’d think. This means IT consultants are highly valuable in today’s day and age. And many current businesses lack knowledge of IT and the IT department. Starting your own consultant business to help walk professionals through this process would be a clever thing to do.

Personal Computer Training

Not all companies will need to hire a trainee such as this. However, there are still a lot of people in the world that are not computer savvy, which means that if you start up a computer training program, you may get a lot more business than you aspired to have. Just branch out and get your name out there – customers in need are bound to reach out.

Smartphone Repair

Smartphones break day in and day out, especially the screens. This is a business that you won’t regret signing up to be a part of. Just don’t overcharge your customers, because you will lose prospective clients if you choose to do this.

Social Media Specialist

If you know how to work every angle of the social media world, signing up to be a social media specialist probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Try it out and see if you can make a real business out of it – what do you have to lose?

Website Developer

Website developers are always freelancers that show up on-site when requested. If this sounds like something you could comfortably do, and you have the skills that someone creating a website has, you’re aiming for the right career field here.

Vice Business Ideas

Bartending Service

If you’re passionate about bartending, but you’re sick of dealing with drunks all the time, it’s time to pass your teachings and lessons on to other prospective candidates. Take a few classes, get the certifications, and start spreading the word. People will show up to your classes in the blink of an eye if you have a good reputation with your bartending resume.

Craft Beer Pub

The first step is to make your own beer. The second step is to rent out a place and start selling that beer. We’ll be honest, it is a little bit more challenging than it sounds, but the business all around is super fun, and you can get creative with your brewing recipes.


Growing grapes may be a tough job, but if you do grow them the right way, you’ll have delicious wine and wine recipes that you can pass down to generations to come. Owning a winery is not only fun, but it’s a beautiful experience. You won’t put this in the regret pile.

Web/Internet Business Ideas

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses can be a tricky division to throw yourself in, especially in the beginning. However, it is still an option! Make sure you can continue to produce consistent revenue to keep your business running and be certain that you can keep repeat customers; if you can do that, e-commerce may be worth considering.

eBook Publishing

eBook’s are gaining popularity, more so than regular reading books are right now. And, a lot of written eBooks are only available electronically, as their name suggests, meaning you can’t find them in stores as a physical copy. The world is transitioning technologically; why not go with the flow and start up an eBook publishing company if you’re good at what you do?

Fashion Blog

If you eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, you’re probably a great candidate to start your own fashion blog. Don’t worry, after a short period of time, if you’re that good, you’ll be able to sponsor and start up your own advertisements to begin bringing in revenue.

Freelance Writer

If you want to start up a business where you can work from the comfort of your own home, freelance writing is probably the perfect way to go. You can pick and choose the topics you research and write about and you can make your own schedule. One week you can work like crazy, and the next you can take some time off – as long as you’re making the money you need to live.

Grants Proposal Writer

Not many people are interested in performing this job, so if you are willing to work in this sort of business, just know right away that you can most likely charge your clients more money to get jobs done. It is tedious and does get boring at times, so take that into consideration before diving headfirst in.

Product Reviewer

Buy the products, wait for them to come in the mail, use them, then review them. The process is simple, and you get paid for it. It’s an easy side gig, but we wouldn’t recommend making it a full time job.

Resume Writing

When you’re talking about yourself, and talking yourself up, it’s extremely hard to do a great job. That’s why people often hire others to write their resumes for them. If you can take a person’s past job history, personality traits, and basic information and whirl it into something spectacular that employers will enjoy looking at, this is a field you should highly consider being a part of.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization – it’s an up and coming thing (that is, if it’s not already here full force). To be successful on the internet, businesses need to have SEO optimized content on their sites, and who better to get the job done than an SEO specialist?


Whether its web development or app creation, programming is in an area of its own. There is a multitude of programming languages that range from HTML & Java to RubyOnRails & Python. These remote positions allow you to set up a digital storefront to advertise your programming abilities, so you can freelance program part-time. Sometimes, you’ll come across projects that will challenge your passion and knowledge of your expertise. Up for a challenge?

Website Tester

There are a lot of companies that would rather have your opinion over their marketers, why? Mainly because they are targeting people like you and need an opinion in order to make your experiences better. Being a Website User Experience Tester usually requires a microphone, pc, and a high-speed connection. Do you have a loud opinion and don’t mind sharing it while you navigate a site?

Call Center (remote)

Remote positions are popping up daily and there are no shortages for the need of call center specialist. Multi-lingual people will have a higher chance at landing these roles. Some positions will send phone equipment and require you have reliable high-speed internet.


Make sure you take some time to go over all the business ideas that are presented in this article so that you know for certain what career path you want to take into your future. Bottom line is, we have your back, even when the business startups are hard to get through.

Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell is an online entrepreneur that helps other homepreneurs increase their earning potentials through business education. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration & Biochemistry.