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*We do not service businesses that are sole traders or partnerships

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* We do not service businesses that are sole traders or partnerships

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What is Finimpact?

Finding the right business funding can be a complex and confusing process. Finimpact makes it easy to find the best funding solution that’s ideally matched to your requirements. With one online application in one place, we’ll connect you with the best-fit matches from among the world’s top funding providers. Saving you the headache, hassle and uncertainties of shopping around. It’s simple, fast and free.

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By partnering exclusively with the world’s top lenders you can be confident that the funding you’ll receive comes from a highly trusted source. We carefully select our funding providers based on criteria including: competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms and helpful customer support.

Our network of partners includes:

 FDIC & FCA regulated partners

Our Customers

“There is such a variety of funding solutions…using Finimpact  helped me find the right option and receive the funding I needed to fulfill my dream.”

Simon T., Bakery Chain Owner

“In previous years I had to borrow money from family when faced with cash-flow challenges. This year Finimpact guided me to the right alternative lender for me.”

Karen B., Owner of K. Designs

“With Finimpact the process was simple and easy to understand, within minutes I saw matches, a few days later we received the loan we needed.”

Peter & Sam H., B&B Owners

We have helped thousands of small businesses

with their funding needs in 2018

It’s free, secure, and it won’t affect your credit score