National Funding Review

National Funding is an effective loan company that specializes in the provision of business loans to individuals for the purpose of helping them grow. In addition, it leases equipment to businesses. The primary goal of National Funding is to ensure that small businesses grow and prosper through the acquisition of loans easily.  

National Funding provides diverse financial services and products to small businesses. For example, it offers equipment leasing, credit card processing, merchant cash advances, and working capital. Apart from its diversity in financial solutions, it also ensures that the services are affordable, efficient, and quick. 

What type of funding does National Funding provide?


requirments_icon1Loan Amount

  • Equipment financing up to $17,500; Medical supply up to $100,000 and sporting goods up to $30,000 

Wide variety of financial solutions 

Fund received

What do I need in order to qualify for funding?

You will need a few things to qualify for funding: 

Business loan 

  • In business for 12 months 
  • Business revenue of $100,000 per year 
  • Credit score of 600+ 

Equipment leasing 

  • Be in business for at least 6 months 
  • Credit score of 620 

Merchant advance 

  • Be in business for at least 12 months 
  • Credit card transactions of more than $3,000 

How do I apply to get funding?

To apply for funding from National Funding, you identity the specific financial solution you are interested in –merchant advance, equipment financing, or small business loan. You fill an online application form to provide information about yourself, your business needs, and wait for approval. 

Find the right funding for your business

What is the process to receive funding?

Your details are assessed and once approved, the requested funding is send to your account. 

Does National Funding run a credit check? 


Do I have to provide security or a guarantee?


Are there fees involved? 

Typical APR: 15-30%

What are the loan rates?

Cost of funds 15-30%

What documentation do I need to provide? 

A few documents are necessary when applying for funding at BlueVine. Such documents include:

Business tax ID
Owner’s information including social security number
Bank statements (3 months)
How long will it take for money to get into my account?

24 hours

What happens in the case of a default? 

National Funding assigns a collection agency to recover the loan amount for them if you default in paying.

Is NationalFunding regulated?