Loan Amount Calculator

Small business loans are useful in helping organizations grow, expand, and continue day-to-day business operations, which can take a lot of resources to maintain. In order to know how much of a loan your business can handle, you may want to figure out monthly expenses you can afford. The Finimpact loan amount calculator can assist in determining what loan size your business should apply for.

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Loan Amount

How Do Loan Amount Calculators Work?

Use the loan amount calculator to gain knowledge on how big of a loan your business needs or can reasonably afford by inputting select loan details:

  • Payment Amount (Monthly Amount)
  • Number of Years (Loan Term)
  • Interest Rate %
  • Rate of Compounded Interest

The results generated by this calculator are specific to the details put in each field. By entering your monthly payment totals, the length of your loan term, the percent of interest, and how often it is compounded, computes a “Loan Amount” which is the total loan amount that meets those requirements. 

Using this information, you can set your monthly payment amounts, how long you want to take to pay off the loan, and at what interest your loan will generate. The output provides a loan amount that meets the exact criteria specified. This will let you know exactly how much of a loan you need and what it will take to pay it back. This calculation does not include existing payments applied or specific details to your exact loan, but can be used as a planning tool for loan repayment or financial loan strategies.

When Should You Use a Loan Amount Calculator?

A loan amount calculator is used when you want to know how your loan is comprised, in terms of payments versus length and interest. This information will guide you in finding the proper loan amount your business needs.