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With great excitement, we here at Finimpact are happy to announce our nomination for the European FinTech Awards taking place on April 14, 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The European FinTech Awards celebrates innovators that disrupt and shape the future of finance, while at the same time providing these innovators with the ultimate platform to showcase their company to the European financial sector and European investors.

We here at Finimpact are honored and excited to be among the nominees of most promising European alternative lenders like iwoca, Ebury, and MarketInvoice, along with other FinTech companies such as Azimo, Bitbond, and Cashcloud, reshaping the world of FinTech.

This amazing opportunity bolsters Finimpact’s presence within the FinTech industry, in turn expanding our reach to small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Our goal is to empower small and medium business owners, provide them with a gateway to the FinTech revolution.

Over 300 million SMEs exist worldwide, contributing to over half of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employing roughly two-thirds of the worlds workforce—yet many of these SMEs have challenges obtaining funding. Finimpact believe every business is fundable and our goal is to be your partner in growth!

Through our online platform, Finimpact helps UK SME find the best funding solution for their business; the process is simple and easy. We have partnered with over 20 of UK’s top lenders covering a wide variety of loan types ranging from £1000 to over £1 million. With one online application a business can creates a financial passport, making it possible for business owners to access and compare the entire market.

Help us become one of the top 100 European FinTech companies by supporting us with your vote! With your support we can achieve our vision and help to SMEs achieve their dream!

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