Accessing Finance for Business

As we enter a New Year, there will undoubtedly be a whole host of budding entrepreneurs set to make 2016 their year for business. Add to that the high level of optimism for 2016 that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are expressing, it’s an exciting time for the small business community.

Autumn Statement: Property remains a priority for South East and London SMEs

Ahead of tomorrow’s Autumn Statement, we spoke to SMEs across London and the South East about their hopes, expectations and predictions for the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s key speech.

Autumn Statement: George Osborne urged to tackle cybercrime and support digital industries

British business chiefs call on the Chancellor to improve connectivity across Britain and invest in the fight against cyber crime to protect the security of the nation

Approval rates for small business loans are increasing – and not because of banks

Following the financial crisis, and in the wake of the economic recovery, new types of business loans are emerging, online alternative funding solutions for small businesses.

Sharon Argov and Noa Wolfson of Finimpact

It’s time for another profile and this week we have Sharon Argov and Noa Wolfson fromFinimpact. The company’s mission is to simplify the world of alternative finance for small businesses, helping them to navigate the range of funding options and find the best match for their individual requirements.

How to make securing finance a simple process

With 73% of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) employers aiming to grow their business over the next two to three years, the demand for funding has never been higher.

Finimpact launches in UK, making alternative finance accessible to Britain’s small businesses

New platform matches SMEs with top lenders including Crowdcube, Funding Circle, and MarketInvoice.

Finimpact, an online platform that matches SMEs with the right funding, launches today in the UK.

Finding funding is made simpler

The process of finding funding for your small business has been simplified following the launch of an online platform.

Finimpact has been established to help make the world of alternative finance and funding for small businesses easier and the new online platform will match SMEs with the best finance provider for their needs.

Female entrepreneurs launch SME fund matching platform

A new online platform to match small to medium-sized businesses with the right kind of funding has been launched in the UK by two entrepreneurial women. Sharon Argov and co-founder Noa Wolfson officially launched Finimpact today, after a soft launch earlier in the year.

The benefits of alternative finance

The alternative finance market is full of exciting and varied offerings for funding
Today, there is a wealth of alternative finance options that threaten to eclipse the offering of banks in terms of attractiveness to small companies. Here, Sharon Argov looks at some of the benefits of the modern way to finance.

SMEs Gain A New Online Lending Platform

The online lending industry continues to expand at a rapid pace, especially in the U.K., where policymakers are encouraging challenger banks and alternative lenders to boost the competition in the small business lending arena.

UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: Our top quotes

Today is the second UN’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and as such, we’ve decided to highlight some of our favourite female entrepreneurs and inspiring quotes from women in business. 

Autumn Statement: What Osborne needs to do to keep small businesses happy

The chancellor will reveal the government’s economic plans on Wednesday 25 November – here are the policies entrepreneurs want to see announced…

Government Spending Review: Reactions from the world of tech

In light of the release of the Government’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement, various industry professionals have offered their thoughts and analysis of how the technology sector will be affected.

36% of UK SMEs cite “Expansion and Growth” as their Main Reason for Seeking Funding

Finimpact, an online platform that matches SMEs with the right funding, has today released data detailing the profile of small businesses in the UK seeking finance. It is encouraging to see that 36% of businesses using the site to find funding, are doing so to fuel expansion and growth.

Over a third of UK Small Businesses are Attempting to Raise Growth Finance

Companies in leisure & hospitality and service sectors are making the largest funding requests, despite concerns over cash flow and late payments

Finimpact: Sharon Argov and Noa Wolfson

The founders discuss launching a start-up to make an impact, transparent business models and breaking into the lucrative alternative finance market…

Funding connection for SMEs

An online platform to help small and medium businesses (SMEs) land the right funding has launched in the UK.
Finimpact uses a short and simple application form to guide SMEs on what type of finance they need to make sure they speak to an appropriate lender.

The Budget: Your thoughts

“The summer budget announcement was fantastic for alternative finance in the UK. We’re really encouraged by the Government’s introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA, for loans arranged via P2P platforms, and it would be fantastic for the industry to see that extended to equity crowdfunding and debt securities.”.

Interview: How is alternative finance helping SMEs?

With businesses embracing alternative finance, SME Insider speaks to Sharon Argov and Noa Wolfson (pictured, below), co-founders of SME lending platform Finimpact. We discuss how the digital revolution has helped entrepreneurs unearth crucial funds for their business.

Finimpact platform launches for SME funding

Online platform Finimpact has launched in the UK on Monday to match SMEs with funding. Backed by fintech angel investors including Yuval Tal, founder of Borderfree and Payoneer, and Rhodium Venture Capital, Finimpact has a unique ability to pre-filter…

UK alternative finance – 2015 was a breakthrough year

Alternative lending for businesses may have only started a few years ago, slightly behind the US market, but it seems as though 2015 was the year that it rapidly caught up.

Dear Osborne, here are 9 things businesses urgently want from the government

It’s almost Autumn Statement time. We know, Autumn is almost over, and winter is upon us – someone should tell George Osborne that. But the Chancellor has hopefully been busy putting together his interim budget.

4 top tips for small businesses seeking non-bank funding

With so many sources of alternative lending open to small businesses, where do you start and what do you need to help you secure finance?

Finimpact Launch Comparison Site for Alternative Business Finance

Given the increase in non-traditional small business funding, it is surprising that website offering comparison and advice for small businesses has been missing from the sector for so long. Fortunately, Finimpact has recently been launched to fill the gap, operating an online platform matching SMEs with the right funding for them.

Top tips for getting on the funding ladder

Finding funding for your small business can often seem like a daunting task. Whether you require a start-up loan, or a loan to improve cash flow, there’s always the worry that you’ll be rejected by the bank and left with no alternative other than to face slow growth, or worst case scenario shut up shop completely.

The Budget: Your thoughts

“The summer budget announcement was fantastic for alternative finance in the UK. We’re really encouraged by the Government’s introduction of the Innovative Finance ISA, for loans arranged via P2P platforms, and it would be fantastic for the industry to see that extended to equity crowdfunding and debt securities.”

SME funding online platform launches

Online platform Finimpact, which has the capability to pre-filter SME applications based on their individual requirements, has launched. It is backed by fintech angel investors including Yuval Tal – founder of Borderfree and Payoneer – and Rhodium Venture Capital

Funding platform for SMEs launched

The hospitality sector is one of the biggest users of alternative fundraising for operators looking to grow their businesses, according to the founders of newly launched online finance platform Finimpact