Merchant Money Review

Merchant Money specialists are providers of flexible lending products to SMEs across the UK. Their loans help and empower businesses to fund the activities needed in order for them to grow and prosper. They strive to foster long-term working relationships with all of their clients; so while we rely on fast, systematic decision systems, they value talking with our clients to learn more about each business and their unique scenario.

What type of funding does Merchant Money provide?


requirments_icon1Loan Amount
£1000 – £50,000

6 months to 24 months

Fund received
Up to 48 hrs

What do I need in order to qualify for funding?

To obtain business financing through Merchant Money, the business must be registered in the U.K. and have at least one year of audited trading accounts. Furthermore, all of the business’s directors must be over the age of 18.

How do I apply to get funding?

Merchant Money provides an online application through which the business can provide specific business information and the amount of funding desired.

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What is the process to receive funding?

To receive funding, the business must apply using the online form. After this, Merchant Money will review the application and contact the business upon approval. An electronic signature agreement is then required to complete the process, after which funding will be released.

“Awesome Service!!  This company has been so beneficial to me and my business. Not once but twice!! No hassle and fast service. It’s hard to find a company that’s willing to go out of their way to help you. I’ve tried many companies and this one is the absolute best one”  Felicia


Does Merchant Money run a credit check?

Merchant Money asserts that decisions to provide loans to a business are not solely based on the business’s credit score; as such, it is likely that Merchant Money does conduct a credit check before offering financing.

Do I have to provide security or a guarantee?

Merchant Money requires the personal guarantee of two directors in support of the funding facility. Otherwise, Merchant Money does not require any other security or collateral.

Are there fees involved?

There are no arrangement fees or other fees associated with applying for funding through Merchant Money.

What are the loan rates?

The interest rates vary depending on the individual application [although Merchant Money provides an online calculator that is based on a 2% per month interest rate for business loans].

What documentation do I need to provide?

The business must provide all information required in the online application, which includes an e-signed loan agreement. Merchant Money may call the applicant to obtain further information, if necessary.

How long will it take for money to get into my account?

Merchant Money claims that most applications are approved within 24 hours. Upon approval, funds are released into the applicant’s account, which usually take less than two hours to appear and become usable.

What happens in the case of a default?

Merchant Money does not provide any information on what occurs in the case of a default. It does, however, require personal guarantees from the applicant business’s directors; as such, it is presumable that credit collection agencies could become involved in the event the business does not pay off a loan.

Is Merchant Money regulated?

Merchant Money is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, as well as the Consumer Credit Trade Association.