Lendinvest Review

In 2013, LENDINVEST became a lending platform for the Property Finance and has become the leader in short to medium term lending in the UK.

The company originally founded in 2008 to give a better mortgage opportunity to property investors, both individual and corporate borrowers. Since then the company has had major capital investment and enabled borrowers to loan nearly £1.5 billion in almost 3,000 properties across the UK in 120 cities and towns.

The Company boasts consistent annual returns on their money of 6-9% per annum and offers excellent credit underwriting systems for short to medium term mortgage lending.

LendInvest regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. In 2015, the company became first to be monitored by a European credit rating agency.

What type of funding does Lendinvest provide?


requirments_icon1Loan Amount

£75,000 – £10 million


Up to 12 months

Fund Received

7 to 14 days

What do I need in order to qualify for funding?

  • Funding is provided to borrowers who need short to medium term cash for a minimum of £75,000.
  • Borrowers need a good credit rating to obtain underwriting approval.

Does Lendinvest Charge a Fee?

  • There is no exit fee.
  • Lendinvest can help with VAT payments.
  • Fees are different for each type of loan.

Is Lendinvest regulated?

LendInvest Funds Management Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales (No. 07667749), FCA (No. 624223)as “small authorized alternative investment fund manager “and recorded with the Information Commissioner‘s Office (Reg. No. ZA179467).

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