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At Finimpact, we know all about the effects that COVID-19 has had on small business owners. Because we went ahead and interviewed them about their concerns.

Hopefully, you can learn from Dan and some of the other business owners to avoid catastrophe.

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Danny (Dan) Johnson


Company: CoVi Land Services
Address: 8628 Roaring Creek Rd., Joshua Texas (USA)
Phone: 817-522-3424

❓ Finimpact: What new obstacles did your ongoing business activity encounter since the Covid-19 pandemic?

➡️ Dan: Spring-break 2020 will go down in history with 9/11, The Tech Bubble, etc…

From January 2016 to Spring-break 2020, Ride-share was the most consecutively profitable ‘Side-gig’ I have been involved within my working career. Producing from 1/3’rd – 50% of my income for the year, depending on my involvement with the Dallas / Fort Worth Construction Industry (Sheet Metal).

With the government and the Media using their power sources to shut down a booming economy and bring the travel industry to a complete stop, that move alone shut-down the Dallas / Fort Worth Conventions, Consultants flying out & in on Monday then leaving & returning on Thursday, along with the major construction contracts being placed on hold until the 4th quarter (after the election).

The first month COVID-19 hit all the news media actually increased travel
and I had trouble shutting off my service (app) before getting another rider loaded on my app when I was ready to call it a day.

Then people started receiving the checks from the Government, and it was like someone had turned off the lights; “NOBODY MOVED!”

My Ride-share Side-hustle had come to a halt also, and I finally pulled the plug after spending a little over four hours for two rides (App 2-3 miles apiece).

I was blessed to be on a Sheet Metal project at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington, Texas replacing the Blue Flashing around the windows on the East side of the Plant, and you can see our work when you drive by on Hwy 360.

The contractor we were working for had received Government funds to keep employees working, so we were able to stay busy for eight weeks. But that eight weeks didn’t give much time to design new goals for the new future.

❓ Finimpact: What measures did you take to deal with the damage Covid-19 has created from a business perspective?

➡️ Dan: I had to ask myself; Self; what did the Government and Media not stop with all the hype?


I had a Craftsman push mower and a John Deere Riding Lawn Tractor, so I started mowing lawns.

I took the knowledge I had from a few years back (when I educated myself on how to flip houses) and used the same marketing channels focused towards mowing lawns.

My first two houses I got under contract came from my ‘Code Violation’ list (CoVi Investment Tools, LLC was born), so I aim my eyes at High-Grass and adjust my prices to be much cheaper than a Code Violation.

❓ Finimpact: What are your insights from this pandemic that you will take to the post-pandemic period to make your business thrive?

Dan: Use the SCARE HYPE they have created to serve new customers that are afraid to leave their home. I have added Instacart to my marketing by delivering groceries to local, new shut-ins that want their deliveries left at the door and will not open until they no longer see you through the peephole.

❓ Finimpact: Can you describe how the supply chain in your industry is affected by the pandemic?

➡️ Dan:

  • Fuel is reasonable, which has given the middle-class a raise
  • The trucking industry is booming but has limited places rest use the restroom
  • People are stockpiling toilet paper at home

❓ Finimpact: Have you reached out to the government’s financial aid program? What’s the process like and are you satisfied with the results?

➡️ Dan: I was blessed to be on a project in the beginning where the contractor received a grant and the labor on that project was covered by the grant, so we helped the contractor remain solvent.

Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis is an MBA accredited investment professional who wants to assist small business owners to gain access to finance. After going through many channels for funding, Lewis has found that getting the first loan right is vitally important for future success.

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