Cash is always king in any business and no more so for small businesses. With a good cash flow, every business thrives, creating a happier environment for the personnel who work for you. Without money, business is likely to flounder and in some extreme cases, to fold altogether.

Every moment of the company lifecycle is felt by its employees. While the income statement will give the best indication of where the profit and loss occurs, the cash flow schedule is equally important. Every owner needs ready cash on hand. This is money to cover expenses, buy assets and pay the workers.

A Loan to the Rescue

When customers are left waiting for payment, the first place they will make a complaint is to the person on the other end of the line. In most cases, the customer liaison staff take more than their fair share of abuse from unhappy clients and creditors.

If you think this is fair, you are in the wrong business. No-one likes to take any kind of abuse.

There is a short and painless method to get back on track, and that is to find a loan. It does not have to be as hard as the banks will have you believe.

There are alternative lenders in the UK who make up a large part of the money market and to whom thousands of small business owners are turning to keep afloat.

Question: Why should you get a Business Loan?

Answer: To expand and make money, of course!

An advantage of having a positive cash flow makes borrowing money easier. Every lender asks the inevitable question:  How is the cash flow doing and do you have a proper historical record of the business cash management. Adequate cash on hand is essential to keeping a small company afloat. With small businesses making up the primary business sector in the UK, it is more important than ever that they don’t have cash flow problems.

You will know you have a money problem when your expenditure exceeds your income. Your customers will be badgering your staff for payment, and you will be in a dangerous situation when you are unable to cover payroll, pay rent and definitely when you cannot purchase inventory or supplies to create sales.

The Solution: Get the “Right Loan”

In every case, the alternative lenders will ask questions related to the cash flow. If you want to avoid having to do last minute panic accounting, keep the books in order. Even the accountant has to let someone know when things are going bad and bad news spreads fast. In less time than it takes to go online to find a loan, you will have a very unhappy workforce wondering what is going on. The business reputation will go down the tubes, and it may turn out that your last ditch attempt to save things, will be lost.

Many successful business owners will tell of how they saved their company with a small business loan. But they will also let you know that their bank manager wanted the shirt off their back as well.


In this modern technological age, getting a business loan doesn’t mean you have to wait on the bank manager’s reception chair. You can just log into a site like, where you will be linked with the right lender for your business.  Don’t keep your employees in suspense as to where their future lies, keep them onside and get the money you need to operate a healthy cash flow.

Find the right funding for your business