For small business owners and start-ups, securing the right funding alone can seem like a hassle. Not to mention, sales management can also be a headache some may not consider. Sure, your employee count is low, but that doesn’t diminish the vital roles that every company has due to scale or size. Each department has their own need in the cycle, and for small businesses, these departments can be easily managed using various CRM tools. What’s that you don’t know what CRM software is or what a Customer Relationship Management system does? Good news! You’ve landed in the right spot because we are going to let you in on the industry’s top CRM software and explain how they can help your small business grow.

Do You Know What is CRM Software?

Well, this question can have a different answer depending on whom you ask. To a marketer or sales team, it is the direct link to a vast sea of analytical resources of lead generations, magnet optimizers, and numerous other marketing tools that help predict and follow customer behavior to improve ROI. Who doesn’t like more money, right? Well, in a customer relations department, CRMs help provide these experts with valuable data that help determine the level of user engagement and how satisfied they are with your business and its provided services. This can be viewed in terms of page time, number of page clicks or shares, a collective overview of service quality by tracking the number of people who complete the checkout process, have returns to make, or call in to make inquiries.

We know. That didn’t answer your question, simply provided you with examples. A CRM software is a structured software that aids in the development of customer relationships and secure new potential prospects by delivering data that allows insight to drive sales, create long-term profits, and establish lasting customer engagement. I know it’s a lot to take in, but it is true, these are strong tools that can literally help guide your business to success. Well, the tools alone will not increase business, but in the hands of experienced marketers, growth is only a step away.

Best CRM Software Used By Experts

In a sea of endless CRM options, getting fooled by false claims can be easier than one might think. While it is true that the top CRMs are also the ones that are more likely to be used by larger corporations and can seem intimidating to think about using. Some of the best tools out there will have one core component. Scalability! From ‘Mom & Pop Shop’ to Fortune 500, some of these CRMs are one-stop solutions. However, we have to remember not all CRMs are the same and some might not have the features you are looking for which is why finding the best CRM for your business is important. Take a look at what our experts say about these CRM tools:

HubSpot – HubSpot is not new to the CRM game and almost anyone in the marketing game, know about this CRM. Whether you are chasing leads or converting them, HubSpot has tools that help from every aspect. Collect, inspect, and manage your business, small or larger, with HubSpot, a trusted leader in CRM technologies.

SalesForce – An older CRM that has consistently evolved with the times and the market, and still continue to be considered one of the best CRMs on the market. From lead acquisition assistance to department integration and management, SalesForce is a total solutions option that remains as one of the top CRM tools, trusted by industry leaders.

PipeDrive – Pipedrive uses a visual pipeline that is easy to set up, navigate, and understand for the user. They offer email integration along with schedule planning, complete with notifications. PipeDrive also offers a selection of sales reporting and forecasting. The simple and easy to understand interface make PipeDrive a great CRM choice for small to medium businesses.

What Good does Using a CRM Software Do?

If you are looking to invest in a strong marketing platform that can help complete your funnel or workflow, then using a CRM software is perfect. But just saying a CRM Software for small businesses is awesome is not enough. I am going to summarize 8-core key reasons to use a CRM software.

  1. Provides consolidated customer data that allows greater insights to trends, patterns, and other behavioral time-sensitive data.
  2. Uses proven tools to generate more leads which means more sales opportunities for providing customer insight into their preferences leading to great chances to cross-sell upsell or bring back old prospects.
  3. Puts Sales and Marketing departments on the same page so your business’s targeted goals are focused on and your Marketing efforts can send collected leads directly to your sales team, ready for closing.
  4. Allows the ability to make accurate pipeline predictions by showing you exactly where the proverbial “Ball” is being dropped.
  5. Consolidates, manages, and tracks customer social engagements with your brand, allowing your team to quickly respond to their reviews and questions, providing quality and building brand trust.
  6. Collect and distributes data between departments with ease. Data collected from one department (sales) can be viewed, edited, and used by other departments (customer service), reducing customer wait time and administrative time, so they can concentrate more on your business.
  7. Current and present data used, so your business can make the most educated decisions to ensure your company continues to move forward and grow.

While not every business benefits from everything a CRM software has to offer; there is at least one element of a CRM that can help your business expand and experience real growth by making educated decisions collected directly from the way your customers buy. Therefore, the statement still stands, “Small Businesses Experience Growth with These Top CRMs!”