Times are changing, that is evident, and if you or your small business are not keeping up with the advancements in the market and how your consumers indulge, then you may start to see a visible decrease in sales, retention, and other deficits popping up across different departments, but why?

It is not a myth or some Urban legend made up to paint a perfect digital paradise, it is REAL, and It is time to pull your head out of the sand because even my 4-year knows what the cloud is, which means your business should already by using it.

The cloud is more than an idea or just a place to store information. The cloud itself is a magnificent tool that cannot be ignored. It is ingrained in our personal lives, and business has built global companies using the power of the cloud. Interested in how to take full advantage of the cloud’s power to make your small business flourish and grow?

The Cloud Provided Streamlined Productivity

Really? Nothing? The cloud serves as one of the biggest collaboration tools ever to exist. Just think about the time wasted waiting for changes in certain documents to be made, when you can have a shared Google Document that allows you to see changes in real time while also allowing you to make tweaks along the way.

Another aspect business owners are failing to see in the cloud’s power comes in volumous abundance. The several online tools that integrate your business applications, link departments and allow you to monitor critical metrics to track growth. Whether it is a CRM, SEO, or another analytical tool, most of them are based from the cloud, which means you can operate, manage, and run your business from virtually anywhere, meaning more time to keep things productive and running smoothly.

How the Tools of the Cloud can Grow my Business

The rate at which your company grows can be linked to your involvement in how your business operates. Do you understand what each department’s roles are? Do you understand what key metrics you should be observing to find out where you are dropping the ball? These are simple questions that can be hard to answer and sometimes professionals must be brought in to properly optimize your business for growth.

Cloud tools are essential, and every business needs to implement one version or another of these tools. Salesforce and Hubspot are perfect CRM examples and can help your company increase conversion, survey consumers for valuable insight, and help you market to your customers by using standard email campaign templates (templates are customizable). For SEO, these cloud-based SAAS platforms have serval variations, but SEMRush and Majestic are favorites of most experts with new competitors constantly emerging, which keeps these giants growing to stay ahead of the curve.

Where does Social Media Fit into Growing my Company?

Ever heard that word of mouth was the most powerful form of advertising? Well, social media is that word of mouth on serious steroids. The right tweet, perfect post, or viral clip is just enough to propel your business to the next step of consumer engagement. With the emergence of social media, never has it been easier to connect, relate, and interact directly with your customers. It is tops the charts in several studies that link it as a common everyday activity, so why would you want to miss out on meeting those who will help your business grow.

This essentially ties back into the cloud, as nearly every activity is carried out on the cloud and learning to control, harness, and use the full power of the cloud, will allow you and your company to grow by offering value, quality, and commitment to your consumers. Is your business ready for a ‘Power-Up?’.