Finimpact, announced as winner of the UKTI Israel Mission!

Finimpact, announced as winner of the UKTI Israel Mission!

November 9, 2015 was a big day for us here at Finimpact- we are happy and honoured to be among the 10 great companies named as winners of the Med Region (UKTI Israel) Financial Services Sector Mission to London.

Kicking off the day the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, accompanied by an economic delegation, paid a visit to the TASE for the opening bell event.  During his visit, Johnson discussed recent developments in the market and urged more Israeli technology companies, looking to expand overseas, to look no further than London as the leading European business destination. According to Johnson, London is a “natural tech partner” for Israeli firms looking to expand and hopes that more Israeli tech companies will make London’s Stock Exchange (LSE) their new home.  Currently 16 Israeli tech firms, worth a combine market value of £3.7 billion (NIS 21.9b) are listed on the LSE.  That number is expected to grow over the next few years as Israel is the number one country, after the UK to IPO on the London Stock Exchange according to Nikhil Rathi, CEO of the LSE.

At the closing of the event, Mr. Gordon Innes, CEO of London and Partners, made the exciting announcement that Finimpact was one of the lucky winners of the UKTI Israel Mission.  The UKTI Israel Mission offers businesses the opportunity to explore the world’s thriving fintech market and get connected with the country-wide ecosystem.

“UKTI Israel Mission is thrilled to host Israelis finest fintech innovators and disrupters to fast track their access to the UK’s vibrant fintech ecosystem.” -Justine Zwerling, deputy director of UKTI

This is an amazing opportunity for us here at Finimpact, as it will help expand our presence within the fintech industry and the small medium enterprise (SME) market.

To date, there are 5.2M SME’s within the UK and while there has been a significant increase in alternative funding, many small businesses are still unaware of potential financing options.  Here at Finimpact, we help solve this problem, by match SME’s with the appropriate lending sources that can help fund your growing business.

Here are the 10 winners joining Finimpact in this amazing honour and opportunity:

Finimpact is an online platform matching and connecting SMEs with funding. At Finimpact, we make it easy to find the best funding solution, empowering small businesses to access the best funding for their business. With one online application in one place, we connect businesses with the best-fit matches from among the world’s top funding providers, Saving the headache, hassle and uncertainties of shopping around. It’s simple, fast and free.

SplitIt enables both ecommerce and brick & mortar merchants to offer interest-free monthly instalment payments to their customers at the point of sale.

Zooz Mobile is a payment platform designed to help merchants maximize their payments performance by offering the flexibility to connect with multiple financial institutions.

Paybox, a social payment network that simplifies the process of group payments by providing special tools that can collect, spend and manage payments collectively.

Clarisite is a software company specializing in the analysis of customer behaviour, providing advanced solutions for digital behavioural analytics as well as risk management and compliance for financial services institutions.

Sling enables frictionless mobile-payments between micro-merchants & consumers in real-world situations.

AU10TIX develops and implements solutions that automate the capture, authentication, validation and generation of digital records of identifying documents such as Passports, identity cards, driving licenses etc.

Finnovest connects end-clients, through mobile devices, to the professional knowledge and execution abilities of banks, brokers and investment advisors- in real time.

Neema is a full banking account in an app, allowing users to send money instantly, using the bitcoin protocol at the background, while the user has a normal dollar account.

BLender, a peer to peer lending platform for people or entities looking for fast loans with reasonable terms and high return for their investments.