Interest Rate Calculator

Finding the proper funding solution can come with more questions than just how much you need and what it will take to pay it all back. Understanding how your interest rates impact your loan is vital to knowing how to plan your loan repayments. The Finimpact interest rate calculator can provide assistance in properly planning your next business loan.

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How Do Interest Rate Calculators Work?

Use the interest calculator to develop your loan strategy; providing you insight with interest rate payments from the start by entering in valued elements about your commercial or small business loan:

  • Amount of Loan
  • Interest Rate %

The provided results are a direct reflection on how much of your individual payments go directly to interest. Your loan amount is multiplied by your interest rate over the course of a year to determine exactly how much of each payment is applied to your loan in order to cover the interest rate.

This can be further investigated by taking your loan amount and dividing it by the number of months of your loan term to find your overall monthly payment amounts. Taking that number and adding your calculated interest payment, you can determine exactly how much each monthly payment will be with interest so that you can pay your loan off within your loan term. Making additional or extra payments can affect the loan term payment schedule and will cause your loan to be paid off ahead of schedule.

When Should You Use an Interest Calculator?

Learning how your interest rates affect your payment schedule is helpful when determining how much of a payment you can handle within the required loan term. This will also determine how small or large of a loan you should take.