As a small business owner, things in the office can get pretty crazy really fast. With all that you have to do just to keep the business up and running and the crazy schedules you have to keep up with, it is quite inevitable for you to get fatigued and stressed out especially if you do not have the opportunity to take some time out.  As such, it is very important to every once in a while take some time off of work to preserve your creativity, drive, mental health and your physical health as well. And while this may seem like a far-fetched dream considering you are the owner of the business, there are some measures you can take before your vacation to ensure that your business will still be up and running during the tenure of your vacation. These include:

1. Delegating Responsibilities

In delegating responsibilities, you have to have a well thought out plan of exactly what will need to be tackled while you are gone and the best person to do so. After all, the last thing you want to be caught up in is a quagmire when you get back in the office with things all messed up because you delegated crucial tasks to someone who wasn’t able to handle them well enough.

2. Think Ahead and Prioritize What Important

Are there any contingencies that are likely to come up while you’re on vacation? Are there things that can be put off at least until you get back to work? These are things you need to look into even as you plan to take time off and address them in order of priority to avoid any issues.

3. Get Your Email Ready

You can not completely dispel the fact that some audience may still need to reach you one way or another during your vacation. As such, it is vital to get your email in order and set up automatic vacation replies to all your audience. This helps people know exactly when you will be responding to their queries.

4. Work Twice As Much Before Your Vacation So That You Can Be Completely Free

If there is any work that needs your urgent attention and you are planning to go for a vacation say next week, then this would be the week to double your efforts and burn the midnight oil so that you have nothing to worry about while on vacation.

5. Have an Instruction Manual That Clearly States How to Go About Problems That Arise

Having instructions manuals for basically all operations helps employees have a clear picture of what to do in case of any problems that arise.

6. Keep Thinking of Ways to Make the Business Greater

Since your mind is more creative when you are on vacation, it is best to use the opportunity to think of ideas and goals for your business and ways through which you can make the business even greater.

7. Designate Certain Times That You Can Be Online to Tackle Any Urgent Problems

Set aside a few minutes each and every day to cater to any urgent matters that may arise in the business while you are away. And while most of the time especially if you had done proper planning earlier nothing major will come up, this will ensure that you have time to solve matters as and when they arise.

8. Have a Contingency Plan

Put in place measures that will counter any unforeseen disaster. This will include having an outline of who needs to be contacted for certain pertinent decisions, expectations of the employees while you are away and under what circumstances you should be contacted.

9. Outline What You Expect From Yourself, Your Employees and Your Clients

Ensure that both your employees and your clients are prepared before you go by having your employees on conference calls with your clients beforehand so that they can get familiar with each other. It is a great transition for when you are not around.

10. Make the Vacation an Avenue for Helping Your Team Members Grow

When you go on vacation most times it is your team members that will be required to take up the mantle of manning the business and ensuring that the business runs smoothly despite your absence. This then becomes a great and opportune time for them to grow in overseeing the operations and manning the business.

While taking a vacation may seem like a daunting task altogether especially if you are so attached to your business and seem to think no one can step up quite as well as you can, it does help you get a level mental health that is charged up for even more when you get back to work.