Entrepreneurs are often celebrated for wearing multiple hats and working long hours, but this also means that their time is very precious! If you are one of those business owners who feels like you are being pulled in multiple directions, don’t fear—There are thousands of apps at the tip of your fingers that can help save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your business.

Although a vast amount of apps exist, catering to niche businesses with specific needs and preferences, a fair share of apps stand out as a perfect fit for just about the business owner.  We have searched through the endless lists of apps and suggestions people have shared allover to bring to you our list of top 10 apps that will help you with accounting, budgeting, invoicing, and simply staying organized!

  1. Xero: Xero is a simple, smart, cloud accounting software that allows you to send invoices, manage bookkeeping, share your account books remotely, and more while running your business on the go. Their software also connects with other popular business apps like the point of sale, inventory, job tracking, and CRM making it possible for you to manage all your finances in one place.
  1. Evernote: Need a place to store all of the interesting articles, links, notes, and more? Evernote does just that! In one place, it stores all this information and organizes it, indexes it and makes it searchable, allowing you to access it anywhere.
  1. Wally: As a business owner managing your personal finances comes as a top priority, but finding the time to do so can be challenging. Wally is a consumer app, that makes it possible for you to keep track of your expenses, through their unique receipt scanning capabilities- No more having to enter your information manually, saving you time so you can focus on your business
  1. Dropbox: Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows you to save your photos, documents, and videos in one place and access them anywhere. You can share or send files with your contacts and colleges via e-mail. Since all your documents are saved on the cloud you will never have to e-mail documents to yourself again!
  1. iZettle: Suitable for all trades and sectors, the iZettle platform allows you to take secure card payments with your smartphone or tablet making business on the go fast and simple. iZettle also keeps a record of all sales, including cash sales, if they are recorded via the app.  Included in the app are free analytics tools that help you keep track of inventory, revenue growth, and top-selling products.  All reports are able to be exported to Excel.
  1. OnTrees: This app is the one-stop-shop to get a complete overview of all your financial information. OneTrees tracks all your spending and displays it in useful graphs to help you create and manage your budget. Unfortunately, the app is only available on iOS for now.
  1. Desk.com: This is your path to happy customers. Desk.com brings all your support channels into one simple user interface, letting you solve more issues at once. Through their mobile app, you are able to help customers and keep an eye on your business from anywhere.
  1. Zoho: Need help with your sales, marketing, surveys, or campaigns? Zoho is here to help! With Zoho you a get a 360-degree of your sales cycle and pipeline, allowing you to spot trends and increase efficiency while reducing costs.
  1. TSheets: An online employee time tracker, TSheets helps you keep track of all your employee’s hours, saving you time and energy.  One employee’s time is tracked you can run payroll, billing, and invoices against tract time, giving you useful business insights with real-time job costing.
  1. Expensify: Provides an online expense management service for businesses worldwide. Expensify keeps track of receipts, mileage, and business travel, making it easy to creates expense reports quickly and easily. It saves business owners time, allows them to focus on more important business functions.